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Farming Organically

organic farming wildlife - beesMotivation to farm organically


First as a conventional farmer we went to organic field days to gain more knowledge because organic farmers have to be better at the basics. We were already farming in between organic and conventional. But it was hard to keep the biology part good.


On the conventional area we often left an area untreated for our own consumption or replaced it with organic alternatives, some of the organic alternatives like compost tea gave even better results.


The time was right for organics, people started to see the link between food and health. 20 years ago the link between health and smoking was not even accepted.


We converted the farm in steps to reduce the risk. There were times in the conversion that we got really tested but we kept going and for every problem we found a solution and we are happy that we made the move to convert the farm to organic.


toplogoOrganic Certification is handled by T.O.P. Tasmanian Organic-Dynamic Producers Inc